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Membership allows people with pottery experience access to the studio to work independently during member hours. Members are 16+, and: 

  • have taken at least (1) clay/pottery class series somewhere (more than 1 day)

  • are self sufficient in our studio after an orientation

  • know how to care for studio tools and equipment after an orientation

  • are open to helping and sharing their knowledge with the community


Monthly payment will be $208/month + firing fees (if you have any).

You can cancel at any time. Payments are billed monthly for up to 12 months. 


Member Hours, starting May 1:

Mon: 10AM - 9PM

Wed: 10AM - 9PM

Sat: 12PM- 5PM

Sun: 12PM- 5PM


We have a communal clay model where the studio stores and manages the clay centrally. There is no charge for clay.

Firing your first 5 lbs of greenware every month is included. After 5 lbs, there is a firing fee of $1/lb (weighed before bisque fire). As an example, after your allowance, a small bowl weighing 1 lb dry, would be $1 to bisque fire (glaze and glaze fire is included). 


The studio has:

  • (12) Shimpo professional pottery wheels 

  • Handbuilding tables

  • One seasonal cone 6 stoneware clay body (currently brown speckle) 

  • Dip and brush glazes, underglazes and slip

  • Tools and aprons

Pottery wheels can be reserved online.

Members will receive a work-in-progress shelf (3’x12”x12") and unlocked tool drawer (4” x 12”).  Members will also be invited to participate in occasional workshops and other events. 


We are not a production facility - large work (greater than 10" in any direction) or large volumes will not be fired without prior approval. 


These are the main points describing Membership, but please also check our Studio Policies for complete listing of rules and policies.

We are currently at capacity for Members.  We'd love to let you know when something opens up - please add your name to our list.

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