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We are working to create a friendly and supportive community - please be kind, be respectful and be a good role model. Welcome curiosity and be generous with your attention to the people around you. Consider the environment -  be mindful when using materials and reuse when possible.

Studio Rules:

  • Respect the other members of our community, 

  • For studio safety reasons we are an adult (16+) studio. 

  • For studio safety reasons we check-in all people who enter the studio, no guests please.

  • Be mindful of wasting materials. Take care to store things properly.

  • Treat our equipment with care.

  • No smoking (all kinds of smoking).

Those who are disruptive or disrespectful to the members of this community, will be dismissed from our programs.


Refund Policy:


Full refund up to 7 days to the start of class. There is no refund or make up day for missed classes.



Please provide 1 month notice prior to canceling membership. There are no refunds for current month Membership dues. 


Studio Closed Dates:

There may be times that the studio has to close unexpectedly - we will give you as much notice as possible. If closed days are in excess, we will provide make-up days.  


Dates listed below are known Studio Closed Dates at this time:

Memorial Day: May 27, 2024

4th of July: July 4, 2024

August break: Closed for 2 weeks maintenance (tbd)

Labor Day: Sept 4, 2024

Thanksgiving break: Nov 23 , 2024- Nov 26, 2024
Winter break: Dec 15, 2024 - Jan 4, 2025

Studio Etiquette:

No outside clay.

Avoid handling other people’s work.


Cleanup Policy:

Help maintain a healthy environment by being mindful of creating and distributing dust.  WIpe things down with water.  Try to route dust into the trash rather than the floor. 


Help maintain our plumbing by directing clay/glaze waste to reclaim buckets or the trash rather than down the drain. 


  • Put used clay in appropriate bins (return to clay bin or reclaim bucket)

  • Put wheel water in appropriate bin (reclaim bucket)

  • Please wipe down your area, wheel and splash pan  


We understand that sometimes things happen and you don’t have time to clean up thoroughly.  Wipe down your area, then put dirty items in the “gotta go” bin and a volunteer will help finish cleaning.

Lost or Damaged Ware:

Occasionally work gets lost or broken, this can happen in a communal studio. Our staff performs their tasks according to best practice and to the best of their ability.  We ask that students be understanding in these situations. Please let us know, however, there is no monetary compensation for lost or broken work.  

Pick-up Policy:

You may pick up your work during studio hours. Please pick up your finished work within 1 month.  Lingering work will be removed.



We love compliments but we learn from your critique. We want to hear your suggestions, concerns and complaints. Please talk to us if you are not satisfied with something at the studio and give us the opportunity to address  your concern Please use this link to email: feedback - anonymous feedback can be left in our studio FEEDBACK dropbox.


For Students taking a Class:

Clay, glazes and firing are included in your class tuition. 


After glaze firing, please pick up your work as soon as possible. We will hold on to work after class is completed up to 1 month.


For Members:

Members must have enough experience that they are familiar with the studio flow and can work independently.  Members must have completed the orientation.  Please schedule orientation once you receive the approval for your Membership. Please reserve a time slot for the wheel using wheel reservation link under the Members menu item . 

Check in Policy:

Members must check-in with the Studio Monitor when you arrive at the studio. 

Materials, Firing & Storage:

We have a communal clay model:​

  • There is no charge for clay. We share clay from a communal clay bin.

  • The studio manages clay which ensures that the clay doesn’t dry out and is recycled (we hope this reduces dust and use of plastic bags)

  • Monthly firing allowance is 5 lbs and $1/lb after.  For reference, a typical bowl would be $1 to fire.

Please talk to us if you are thinking about making a piece greater than 10 inches wide/tall -there are limitations on our firing size. We are not a production facility and reserve the right to limit member’s firings based on size and quantity- this helps enable fair turnaround for everyone’s work.

Members will receive a work-in-progress shelf (36"x12”) and unlocked tool drawer (4” x 12”).


Member Fees:

Member Fees are billed monthly.  Firing fees can be added to the next month’s bill or can be paid separately.  

Please give us 30 days notice before cancellation.  We do not allow pauses or holds to memberships. 

Studio Staff:

  • Staff will treat students and members with respect.

  • Staff is empowered to ask disruptive attendees to leave after a warning is given.

  • Studio Monitors are responsible to help us keep the studio running during Member hours, they are not instructors.

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